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Therefore, once again, if your domain is good or famous do not be late to extend. Usually the system will send a warning long before your domain expired (1 month before expired). Soon to extend right away. The existence of the Redemption Period is intended to allow only the previous domain owner to extend the domain. Only he can, but after that can be owned by anyone! Of course it would be very loss if your domain name is very beautiful or already famous. Your company branding will be broken.

To avoid paying for expensive means you have to wait until the domain is completely deleted. We provide web hosting here Best Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. But it must be frequently checked, the fear is already another person. If you have got a good domain name just check your domain availability HERE. So what if the domain is still included in the Redemption Period but you still want to use it by not wanting to pay a fine of 10 x fold?

An entrepreneur already has an e-commerce website but feels heavy and laborious in convincing a prospective buyer to happen sales (closing sales) through its sophisticated website system. The entrepreneur also utilizes marketplace websites (such as tokopedia and lazada) to penetrate the sale of his products.

Gradually over the years, the entrepreneur compares the effectiveness and total turnover of sales between his own website with the marketplace website. The entrepreneur feels that sales through his own website decreases, while the marketplace tends to rise. Is there anything wrong with his website? Do you experience it too?

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